See a flame the moment it ignites. Early detection prevents and mitigates damage at your sites.


Seeing smoke from your equipment, will help you react promptly and prevent fire from taking hold.

Fire Detection at a Glance

Andium Fire Detection observes your locations for any signs of fire or smoke. By employing real-time imagery and data analytics, our system offers prompt detection, facilitating an immediate and targeted response to urgent incidents.

A photo of Fire Detection service with added annotations.
A photo of Fire Detection service with added annotations.

Fully Automated System

Mitigating damage from fires requires a swift response . Andium helps you detect early stage fires by monitoring your locations for you and alerting you of smoke.


Why choose Andium?

Installs in minutes, monitors in seconds

Our technology is non-intrusive, easily installed and you don’t need an I.T. team to adopt our platform.

Keep personnel safe

Detect major onsite anomalies like fires and hazardous debris, expediting emergency responses and keeping your staff safe

Scalable and flexible

Monitor as many tanks as needed and easily move devices from one location to another.

Monitor on the go

Can’t access your computer? Our mobile app has all the insights you need.


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