Technology Tailored to Your Site Locations

We understand the unique challenges inherent to each wellsite you oversee. That's why Andium adapts to the specific regions under your management.

With Andium, you maintain an instant, up-to-date overview of your wellsites across the region, without needing to visit a site.

is Knowledge

Seeing is believing, and knowing what occurs at your locations is the first step to achieving operational efficiency while reducing the carbon footprint at your wellsites. Our automation supplants traditional in-person procedures, enabling you to effortlessly spot issues in real time across multiple locations.



Yields Utility

With 24/7 surveillance, Andium identifies a broad spectrum of incidents at your sites - from oil spills and methane leaks to pilot light outages and beyond. Gain an in-depth understanding of your day-to-day operations and remain prepared for any unforeseen events.



Drives Efficiency

Andium's notification system brings site activities right to you. This empowers you and your team to respond quickly to issues, enhancing efficiency by focusing only on the locations that require your physical presence.


Fully Automated System

Andium takes the monitoring burden off your shoulders. With our system in place, concerns about excessive tank gauging, nighttime liquid leak checks, or venting flare stacks at remote locations become a thing of the past. You'll receive alerts for any incidents, keeping you informed without the hassle.


Global impact with the best solution to monitor your locations at scale.

Installs in minutes, monitors in seconds

Our technology is non-intrusive, easily installed and you don’t need an I.T. team to adopt our platform.

Detect leaks in minutes

Detect liquid leaks and spills as they happen

Monitor multiple tanks with a single device

Andium Tank Monitoring can accurately monitor four tanks simultaneously at the cost of a single guided wave radar

Customizable monitoring

See onsite assets and monitor for specific events at any location.

Keep personnel safe

Detect major onsite anomalies like fires and hazardous debris, expediting emergency responses and keeping your staff safe

Discover malfunctioning flare stacks

See pilot light outages and smoking flares in real-time from remote locations

Detect methane leaks at the source

Find and eliminate methane leaks quickly, without having to spend time investigating their origin.

Scalable and flexible

Monitor as many tanks as needed and easily move devices from one location to another.

Monitor on the go

Can’t access your computer? Our mobile app has all the insights you need.


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